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MedGlobe Synergy is a dynamic, professional pre-hospital training, publishing and consulting company.  We are Ontario's first Aid experts, providing superior training and program support to business, industry, OTHER first aid* providers and the community.
We strive to provide you with the highest quality support for the services, products and programs that we offer while remaining sensitive to the needs of our customers through continued product development. MedGlobe Synergy will endeavour to take a leadership role, in the industry that we represent and in the communities in which we live, by providing superior quality product delivery and customer support.
We knew that we wanted to do what everyone else claimed to do, that is to create a company that offers a unique product to our customers.  So how do we do that?  How do we do what everyone else is doing and make it unique?

Our core team of instructors are Paramedics.  We want our instructors to live pre-hospital emergency medicine.  We understand, intimately, what we teach, because we use the skills that we teach to others every day.
We also have a complement of specialized instructors with backgrounds that range from wilderness rescue to aquatics, to risk management and mitigation and survival. 

As you are well-aware, to teach in Ontario, you have to be provincially-recognized.  There are many different courses available throughout the province—each with their own special tricks, treats and methods of delivery.  But the fact is, there are really only so many different ways to teach bleeding control, CPR and choking management.  Most of it, you’ve seen before, just with a little twist on the theme.  One way that we make our courses different is to provide an experience for our participants. One of the ways that we create our experience is with the best equipment to teach the topics that you’ve probably come to know verbatim.  Essentially, we look to give you something different...something more. 
Even the basic equipment that we use in our courses is of the highest quality.  Our CPR mannequins are Laerdal® Little Anne™ mannequins—simply the best CPR mannequins available.  But we don’t stop there, we also use mannequins that simulate choking and allow you to practice actual abdominal thrusts on them.  We have simulated arms that bleed and simulated arms with wounds that can be bandaged or closed.  We have simulated arms that you can learn to take a blood pressure on, and simulated arms that you can start an IV on.  We have a leg that you can actually put a traction splint on and it will tell you how much traction you are pulling!  We even have a mannequin that breathes on it’s own and has it’s own pulse!  When it’s time to learn how to put an oral airway in place, we have mannequins designed just for that skill as well.  We have backboards, and fracture boards, KEDS and SKEDs, traction splints and malleable splints and all manner of props and simulated injuries that can be strapped in place to simulate a critically ill or injured patient.  When you couple the equipment with our fantastic instructors and our customized training programs we provide everything that we need to make your course an experience. 
Our customized programs are based on our provincially and federally-approved programs, but we can do so much more because, in addition to being a training provider, we develop our customized programs, we write them, we publish them and then support them.  We truly are a full-service program development and delivery company.  Many companies also appreciate the fact that we can provide medical emergency fieldguides suitable for carrying day-to-day.  Like all of our programs, our fieldguides can be company branded and customized to a worksite or employment setting.

 *MedGlobe Synergy has developed WSIB-approved training programs for SAJE Vital Signs as well as HeartZap Services--we're the company that our competitors come to!
2016 PCP Fieldguide 
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